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How can data driven decisions improve logistics operations?

Get reliable information from digital tools to provide
your clients with better service.


Always know where your shipments are with real-time GPS tracking.


Decrease the chances of cargo theft and stay on top of road incidents to choose the best route.


Comply with the federal regulations and keep all data stored to optimize performance.

Interested in digitalizing your logistics operations?

With the E2E Security platform:

  • Gain real-time visibility

    Monitor your shipments in real time with our desktop and mobile apps, and start optimizing your logistics operations with data-driven decisions.

  • Say goodbye to safety concerns

    Predefine the safest routes and get alerts for irregular situations. Our security services will make sure your fleet is safe 24/7. 

  • Receive periodic status reports

    Measure the performance of your logistics operations with periodic reports on the status, location, and stops of the carriers. Keep your information safe by storing the reports and see the evolution over time.

  • Track your drivers and carriers with operational reports

    Know exactly the working hours, resting times, and gas usage of your trucks and drivers. Ensure your operators follow the protocols and comply with the federal regulations. 

59% of logistics providers lists improving logistics optimization as one of the top three most important goals.
80% of the industry’s relevant information is unstructured.
71% of service providers say data analysis is improving the quality and performance of their operations.

Source: 2017 Third-Party Logistics Study, Capgemini Consulting, Pennstate & PENSKE

Not convinced yet?

We offer you a free trial to see how the security platform works and how your operations can benefit from it. You can track your fleet in real time and receive alerts for road incidents. We sit down with all our clients and offer them a customized package that takes your needs to consideration.

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